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How To Become a Shutdown Cornerback

Stop getting beat! Start making plays! Get bigger, faster, and stronger, lock up any receiver, get more interceptions, and dominate on the football field.

Have you ever had a receiver break on a route, and in your mind you were right there with him, but your body was just too slow? You saw it happening, knew what he was going to do, but just couldn't react fast enough to stay with with him?

You ever been beat for a first down when your team needed that crucial stop. Or burned for a touchdown, and had to watch as the receiver celebrated in your face? Ever watched eyes glaring at you because you cost the team?

Getting beat for touchdowns sucks... Really sucks. And when it happens to you... EVERYBODY SEES IT!!!

And if it happens one time too many, there's likely to be a nice cold seat on the bench with YOUR name on it.

stop getting beat!

You get beat because you haven't trained your body to react without thinking. Great technique and explosive breaks should be automatic.

Here's the good news...

Whether it's a receiver breaking on a simple route like a slant or a double move like a post-corner...

You can burn that movement into your muscle memory with footwork and technique training, maximize cornerback-specific strength, speed and power, and stay right on top of any receiver who tries that move on or ANY OTHER MOVE on you.

And how do I know this...?

my football story...

How I transformed from good to GREAT in 5 months and dominated pro-level receivers...

Fresh out of college, I was in the position of pursuing a pro football career through the back door. I went to at least a dozen open tryouts and pro combines all over the country, where the odds of getting signed are about 300 to 1.

Everytime was the same. I'd show up, test above average, outperform in drills and one-on-ones but still leave empty handed. Coaches and scouts agreed that I was good, but I didn't have the "wow factor" that was neccessary to win a spot on the team.

I decided to drastically increase the investment I was making in my training. I got a job working as a trainer, and learned everything I could about sports performance, dieting, and supplements.

I then used the principles I learned, combined with 20 years of football experience, to create my own beastly training program and hit it hard...


Training Focus Day 1 After 18-Weeks Measured Improvement
40-yard Dash 4.47 seconds 4.35 seconds 0.12 seconds faster on 40yd Dash
Broad Jump 9'9" 10'7" Ability to jump 10-inches further
Vertical Jump 33 inches 37 inches Ability to jump 4-inches higher
225-lb Bench Press 10 reps 17 reps 7-reps more on 225lb Bench Press
Back Squat 10RM 225 lbs 405 lbs 180lbs added to 10RM Back Squats
Short Shuttle 3.9 seconds 3.8 seconds 0.1 seconds faster on short-shuttle
Body Composition 185lbs @ 12% bodyfat 195lbs @ 10% bodyfat Added 10lbs of lean muscle


On the field ...

I swear, I had never felt so powerful in all my years as an athlete! My breaks were so easy and fluid, my technique was crisp, and I didn't even have to think about it...my body just reacted.

At the tryouts, the guys I competed against, some from NFL camps, others from other arena teams, were breakfast to me. They couldn't even complete short routes on me.... In 1-on-1s!

I was a totally different athlete.

It was almost too easy.

I got offered by 3 pro arena teams, and signed with my choice.

When I asked guys what they did to train, most players were not using the system that I used. Most of them were, and still are...




  1. Jogging miles for their “endurance,” instead of training for speed and speed endurance.
  2. Using cookie cutter, general strength programs NOT designed specifically for cornerbacks.
  3. Lifting for size only instead of strength and power, because they didn't want to go “too heavy.”
  4. Performing general agility drills, and NOT focusing drills that help them become a better cornerback.
  5. NOT training their flexibility to increase their speed.
  6. NOT training with consistency and purpose, toward defined, measurable GOALS.
  7. Basically, WASTING their EFFORT and their TIME.

Learn how to train

These guys were professional athletes (or trying to be), some from big-time universities with “expert” trainers, and they didn't know how to train.

I created my other site, GreatCornerback.com and the Shutdown Cornerback Training Program because I knew that if that lack of knowledge on how to REALLY prepare and TRANSFORM existed on the pro level,

it almost surely existed on the high school and college levels.

It sucks, but you can't play this game forever...

...You don't have years or even months to waste on things that don't increase your ability to make plays and get more interceptions.

If you're goal is to:

  • Finally come off the bench and become a starter
  • Go from a starter to an All-League, All-Conference, or All-Star performer
  • Transition from high school to college or
  • Transition from college to the Pros...
  • You need intensely focused, structured, progressive, and goal-oriented training that burns play-making ability into your muscle memory, elevates your game, and gets significant results that scouts and coaches will drool over.

    When you purchase the Shutdown Cornerback Training Program, that is exactly what you will get. It's ALL here:

    • Basic and Advanced DB Drills
    • DB Footwork & Agility Training
    • Cornerback-Specific Speed and Speed Endurance Training
    • Speed Technique Training
    • Muscle-building
    • Maximum Strength Training
    • Maximum Power Training
    • Static and Dynamic Flexibility Training

    All put together in a safe, structured, goal-oriented way...

    ...Designed to transform you into a beast of a cornerback.




    A Shutdown Corner is a COMPLETE corner. It's not enough to be fast, or strong, or have good technique and ball skills. You HAVE to be able to bring it all together...EVERYTIME, so that you can make solid hits, snatch picks, and make plays.
    — Dennis Bishop, Jr.




    If you hired a sports performance trainer for 8 sessions per week, 18 weeks of guided training would cost you around $5000.

    I've priced the program at $397.00 knowing that it's value is easily more... I've even been told by colleagues that I should raise the price. But I've been in the position of training on a budget and want to help more athletes transform themselves AFFORDABLY.

    For a limited time you can get the program at the discounted price of $297.00

    For a little more than the price you would pay for a nice pair of cleats, you get access to a training program that will transform you as an athlete, and guide you to becoming a faster, more powerful, technically sound, play-making cornerback.



    • 18-weeks of periodized cornerback-specific training broken down into three 6-week training phases

    • All major training areas covered: speed, footwork & agility, strength training, and flexibility training

    • Detailed, easy-to-follow workouts and 100+ training videos with narrated exercise/drill explanations

    • Unlimited e-mail support

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